Celebrating Black Consciousness Month at Drul.

In the continuous pursuit of knowledge and awareness, Drul has established the practice of conducting monthly lectures, addressing a variety of topics relevant to its employees. In this month of November, we had the honor of hosting Maria Carolina Lopes, an educator, social technologist, and advocate for the black community rights. In this article, we will explore Maria Carolina’s reflections on the significance of November 20th and the celebration of the black community.

Maria Carolina Lopes, a prominent voice in advocating for the rights of the black community, shared her extensive experience during the lecture at Drul. Her journey as an educator and social technologist positions her as an inspirational figure in the fight for a more inclusive and equal society.

During her talk, Maria Carolina emphasized the significance of November 20th as a day to reclaim the untold history of the black people. A history that, for a long time, has been narrated by those who enslaved them, silencing their voices and erasing their contributions.

Right after, we had the privilege of asking Maria Carolina a few more questions. During this brief interview, we discussed the celebration of November 20th, questioning if the term “celebrate” is indeed appropriate. We recalled that we are not celebrating the death of Zumbi dos Palmares or the enslavement of the black community but rather their history of struggle, resistance, and culture.

“It is indeed necessary that we celebrate ourselves, it is indeed necessary that we strengthen our image, our intellect, our history, our religion, and that is one of the great days for that,” affirmed Maria Carolina.

Self-celebration is essential to strengthen black identity and acknowledge its contributions.

Maria Carolina – Palestrante

Maria Carolina emphasized the importance of black individuals teaching and occupying spaces, even if in a small portion. This action contributes to the deconstruction of stereotypes and the construction of a more inclusive narrative. She also highlighted the importance of black individuals describing themselves as such, recognition that goes beyond skin color or tone, encompassing an entire biotypic structure.

She also highlighted the persistence of structural racism and the ongoing need to combat racial prejudice in all its forms. The speaker also emphasized the progress made, recognizing achievements and advancements in Brazilian society. These small steps are vital for the construction of a more egalitarian future.

To build a more inclusive society, Maria Carolina pointed out the importance of taking paths that promote racial equality. This includes promoting diversity, raising awareness, and educating about Afro-Brazilian history and culture.

In conclusion, November 20th remains a day of great value for Brazilian society. Maria Carolina’s lecture at Drul reminds us of the importance of celebrating, reflecting, and taking action to build a more inclusive and equal future. May the shared reflections serve as a call to continuous action beyond Black Consciousness Month.

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