High-performance leadership: Drul managers complete leadership training after 4 weeks of studies.

The training was carried out by “Leadership Gente e Gestão” and took place at the Sertãozinho unit throughout the month of November. Talking about high-performance leadership is essential for a management team. It plays a crucial role in maximizing a team’s potential and achieving organizational goals. Leaders who are well-informed about effective leadership practices are […]

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Drul gives a lecture at a state school in Pontal, São Paulo

Drul, committed to the dissemination of knowledge and sustainable practices, was present on November 8, 2023, at the State School ‘Profª Yolanda Luiz Sichieri’ in Pontal. The event took place at 7 am and was aimed at the 3rd Grade E, under the guidance of Profª Talita Oliveira Siquieri. The speaker, João Eduardo Siquieri Pires, […]

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