Drul creates internship and trainee program #letsGoTogether

Until the beginning of 2020, before being affected by the pandemic, Brazil had around 1 million interns and trainees spread across the national territory. In 2021, there was a 10% reduction and, currently, 900,000 students get the opportunity to enter the job market.

The student, predominantly high school, when being hired in the #VamoJunto Program paid at Drul, will be effectively experiencing and absorbing a social, cultural and professional behavior. This experience is necessary for the formation of his personality, usually full of conflicts in the face of the countless challenges of a young person’s day-to-day life.

The #VamoJunto Program, as a supervised school educational act, provides citizenship and character formation to young students. In addition, the scholarship, added to other benefits, confers financial independence, social inclusion, citizenship and self-esteem for the achievement of their first personal income, including implementing the family income in many cases.

On the left Gabriel, quality intern and participant in the #VamoJunto program. On the right, Pedro, a marketing assistant who joined Drul through the internship program.

In the #LetsGoTogether Program you learn in practice!

Reading, observing and studying about a profession is quite different than experiencing it. Anyone who has ever been an intern or participated in an internship or trainee program knows what we are talking about.

In the classroom, you don’t learn to negotiate deadlines for delivering tasks, the teacher doesn’t teach you how to deal with people of different profiles or how to communicate well with people from other cultures. This is the practice of work that will teach you!

The #VamoJunto Program is specifically designed to provide emotional and technical support in this often abrupt transition between the classroom and practice. We will offer clear opportunities for career progression through ongoing training and the chance to be involved in a variety of different projects, taking away the sameness and bureaucracy that characterized careers in the past.

How does the #VamoJunto Program work?

The program follows the normal rites of applying for a job vacancy: such as the publication of the program, the registration of young talents, the selection of professionals and, those who are approved, undergo a monitored professional development process.

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