Sharing Knowledge and Innovation: Drul’s Participation in the 21st International Sinatub

Drul had the honor of participating as a sponsor and speaker at the 21st edition of the International Sinatub, organized by Sinatub Cursos. This event brought together highly respected speakers and instructors in the industry, providing a unique opportunity to share our knowledge with professionals seeking enhancement.

Ricardo Amorim, Technical Coordinator of Water and Engineering at Drul, presents the case “Energy Balance Vs. Optimization of Biomass Utilization.”

Since 2001, Sinatub courses have played a crucial role in the technical development of professionals in the agro-industrial industry, promoting the dissemination of knowledge and best practices. Drul is a committed partner to innovation and continuous learning, believing that the exchange of information plays a fundamental role in the industry’s progress.

This year, the Sinatub Internacional extended over two days, on November 8th and 9th, featuring relevant topics for the market and the participation of 19 speakers. The first day focused on “Boilers, Steam, Energy, and Biogas,” highlighting technological advancements in energy balance, steam and electrical energy generation and consumption. Additionally, our Technical Coordinator of Water and Engineering, Ricardo Amorin, presented the “Drul Case – Energy Balance Vs. Optimization of Biomass Utilization.”

On the second day, the theme was “Extraction & Industrial Maintenance,” with discussions on technical innovations and operational improvements in reception, preparation, extraction, and industrial maintenance. The goal was to optimize assets, utilize raw materials, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency, contributing to the success of mills and distilleries.

For Drul, participating in Sinatub Internacional embodies our commitment to innovation, learning, and strengthening the agro-industrial market. Being involved as a sponsor and speaker in this prestigious event is an exceptional opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with dedicated professionals looking to enhance their skills and processes.

We firmly believe that the exchange of ideas and information plays a crucial role in the continuous advancement of the industry. We hope that Sinatub Internacional continues to be a space for mutual enrichment and collaboration, promoting the growth and success of all involved in the agro-industrial sector. We look forward to building lasting relationships and contributing to the ongoing progress of the industry through our active participation and commitment to excellence.

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