The Drul’s participation in the 6th UDOP Seminar on Innovations

The prominent participation of Drul as a sponsor and speaker at the 6th UDOP Innovations Seminar, held on the 22nd and 23rd in Araçatuba, highlights not only the companys commitment to networking and visibility. It also highlights the strategic importance of UDOP as a key forum for the sector.

6th UDOP Innovations Seminar – Held on November 22nd and 23rd, 2023.

The 6th UDOP Innovations Seminar was a landmark, presenting, in an unprecedented way, the latest technologies and solutions relevant to the bioenergy universe, aiming at increased productivity and competitiveness, as well as immediate application across different links in the chain.

Over two days, participants had the opportunity to engage in valuable networking with key players in the industry, enjoying over 100 hours of content provided by more than 200 speakers, moderators, and panelists, divided into 12 learning tracks and 1 grand panel.

The experience offered by the 6th UDOP Innovations Seminar was unique and comprehensive, providing a direct connection to the best innovations, technologies, trends, management practices, and inspiring actions.

Participants also had the opportunity to attend the award ceremony for the 3rd UDOP/Embrapa Environmental Best Practices Award, in addition to the eagerly awaited CanaSauro & BabyCanaSauro Award – Harvest 2023, which was resumed this year, adding a special touch to the event. The Seminar not only provided knowledge and networking but also recognized and celebrated environmental best practices and excellence in the harvest, thus contributing to the appreciation and sustainable advancement of the bioenergy sector.

Recording made during the presentation of the CanaSauro & BabyCanaSauro Awards – Harvest 2023.

By being present at this event, Drul not only strengthens its ties in the industry but also recognizes UDOP as an essential platform for continuous learning and sectoral development.

In recent years, Drul’s growing presence as a speaker at events organized by UDOP and other market forums highlights the fundamental role of this organization in promoting expertise and disseminating best practices.

The lecture given by Reginaldo Reis, Commercial Manager of Drul, on ‘Solutions to Maximize Sugar Production’ during the Industrial Panel at UDOP, highlights not only Drul’s commitment to excellence but also the relevance of UDOP as a space where crucial industry issues are discussed, and solutions are presented.

In summary, Druls participation in the 6th UDOP Seminar highlights the importance of the company as an active and innovative player. It also underscores the critical relevance of UDOP as a key facilitator for the progress and continuous improvement of the sugar and ethanol industry. The event provides a valuable arena for collaboration, learning, and collective advancement, reinforcing the mutual commitment to drive the sustainable development of the sector.

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